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‘World’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Training program’ to be created in India

Abhishek Ajit March 29, 2018

For the generation of employment, the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with Tausif Malik, founder of MAHAbfic, a platform that facilitates investment into Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other Fintech opportunities for implementing special training programs. These programs will feature Bitcoin mining as the major module of study along with entrepreneurship, startups and blockchain technology as well.

According to the Policy Times. DICCI and Mahabfic will create the “World’s 1st & largest Bitcoin Mining Training Program (BMTP) for self-employment.”

This program was created to help the Dalits, a group of people who represent a minority caste in India.  A majority of the Dalits engage in agriculture to make a living for their family. Many of them have not been able to make even the minimum daily wage limit for their families, resulting in severe impoverishment.

DICCI founder and chairman, Milind Kamble, commented:

The new blockchain technology is the future of technology development and taking the world by storm and bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining is a must for blockchain platform to operate. Hence, we felt the need to offer bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining training program (BMTP) to our youth on a nationwide scale for self-employment.

The nationwide Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency mining training program (BMTP) will span over 30 cities as well including Pune, Bengaluru, Cochin, Chennai & Kolkata. The first BMTP will begin from May in the city of Pune.

DICCI and Malik also seek to make Maharashtra the bitcoin capital of the country. “At least 20 years ago, Pune lost out to Bengaluru in becoming the Silicon Valley of India. We do not want to miss the bus this time,” said Malik.

Tausif Malik.declares:

“India can be the next Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency mining hub of the world”

It will be interesting to see how the BMTP turns out.

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