GalaChain Hackathon: The Game-Changing Coding Marathon begins today!

The GALAthon GalaChain Hackathon event is on the horizon, promising excitement! Teams will code for 24 hours straight, from 11 a.m. on March 20th until 11 a.m. the next day. Updates will flood in via live streams, Discord chats, blogs, and social media posts! As of March 13th, 500 teams had signed up for the hackathon! Do not miss out!


As the GalaChain community flourishes, the GALAthon Hackathon will showcase innovation. Emphasizing GalaChain’s potential, organizers proudly announce generous prizes totaling up to $950,000 USDT. This event isn’t just a competition; it’s a platform for future web3 leaders to shine!


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Rewards in multiple categories

The GalaChain Hackathon’s prize pool is structured to ensure broad recognition and reward across multiple categories. Each category is explained below in greater detail. The prize categories are:

Sl no. Prize Category Prize Allocation (USDT)
1 Judges’ Favorites $450,000
2 Category Prizes $300,000
3 Participation and Innovation $50,000
4 Community Favorites $100,000
5 Mini-Challenges $50,000
6 Grand Total $950,000
7 Reserve $50,000


  1. Judges’ Favorites: The Pinnacle of Achievement

The crème de la crème of in-person entries will be honored as the Judges’ Favorites, with prizes as follows:

  • 1st Place: $200,000 USDT
  • 2nd Place: $150,000 USDT
  • 3rd Place: $100,000 USDT

Please note that the “Judges’ Favorites” Prize Pool is only available to in-person contestants.

  1. Category Prizes: Excellence in Innovation

Category Prizes will be awarded to teams whose projects excel in specific areas:

Each Category Winner: $50,000 USDT (assuming six categories, totaling $300,000 USDT).

  1. Innovation Prizes: Celebrating Creativity

Recognizing creativity and impressive presentations, these rewards aim to highlight exceptional contributions:

  • Most Innovative Solution: $30,000 USDT
  • Best Presentation: $20,000 USDT
  1. Community Favorites: The Voice of the People

Gala values community input and inspiration. Reflecting community preferences, these rewards honor projects that resonate most:

  • 1st Place: $50,000 USDT
  • 2nd Place: $30,000 USDT
  • 3rd Place: $20,000 USDT
  1. Mini-Challenges: Spotlighting Skills

For those excelling in specific skill-based challenges, ten different Mini-Challenges will be offered to all teams:

Each Mini-Challenge Winner: $5,000 USDT, with ten mini-challenges totaling $50,000 USDT.

  1. Reserve Fund: Flexibility for Excellence

A $50,000 USDT reserve ensures preparedness for any scenario, from ties to rewarding exceptional innovation.

This reward pool underscores the commitment to nurturing innovation, acknowledging talent, and celebrating the vibrant community. Whether one is a developer, designer, strategist, or storyteller, this event offers an unprecedented chance to reshape the web3 landscape.

What is the Gala chain looking for?


According to Jason Brink, President of Blockchain, Gala Games, there are three main areas focusing on and giving extra attention to projects that use $GALA as the gas within the system.


  1. DePin projects focusing on potential gaming applications: BitBender is keen to see more exploration in this area.
  2. IoT projects: BitBender is intensely interested in this area. He previously worked with universities in Southeast Asia on using IoT devices for seismic sensing and wants to see what others have in mind.
  3. Logistics Applications: BitBender has invested in blockchain projects related to logistics, but many have failed due to Ethereum’s limitations. He’s eager to see someone tackle this challenge.

A panel of celebrity judges

They’ve secured some of the biggest names in:

  • Games
  • Web2
  • Web3
  • Music

These include

  • Snoop Dogg brings his legendary creativity to web3.
  • Nirun Fuwattananukul, CEO of Binance Thailand, joins as a judge! His expertise in blockchain and financial inclusion sets the stage for innovative projects.
  • Dive into gaming innovation with Danny Bilson, a #GalaChainHackathon judge! With a legacy in gaming, he’s looking for compelling stories through blockchain.
  • Kenny Li from @MantaNetwork is a judge! He’s searching for the next big thing in Game Fi and web3 gaming.
  • Ali Hajighafouri of AWS Games is scouting for scalable, innovative projects.
  • Kent Byers(@KentwByers) from Directive Games eyes projects redefining gaming with blockchain.
  • Michelle Guo (@web3queen) from Alpha Strategy Consulting looks for projects blending innovation with strategic market insight.
  • Paul Su (@paulhsu) of Decasonic is ready to discover blockchain projects with the power to innovate.
  • Wrecks (@WrecksGG) will judge the Gala Chain Hackathon, seeking projects that connect and entertain.
  • Celynne Layug assesses how blockchain can drive global collaboration and economic empowerment.
  • Mikhail Yerganjiev of CertiK focuses on the security backbone of blockchain innovations.
  • RealDrWookiee (@RealDrWookiee) brings community-focused insight to find the next web3 gem.
  • Jinpyo Hong from Netmarble MarbleX looks for projects revolutionizing gaming with blockchain.
  • Crypto Stache, a content creator, joins the panel.
  • Amelia Daily, Head of Partnerships at Solana, brings her expertise.
  • Edward Chen (@EdwardHBGSG) from HTX Ventures steps in as a judge.

Calling All Budding Coders!

If you have even a hint of interest in development and coding, a hackathon is the perfect opportunity to elevate that passion! Everyone is welcome!

A hackathon is a free way to dive into the industry and get your hands dirty. Most hackathons are open to beginners and offer helpful guides so anyone can jump in and learn!

Even if you don’t come out on top, there’s no such thing as failure. Your efforts are always valuable; the only way to miss out is by not giving it a shot!

If you’re up for the challenge, join the hackathon!

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GalaChain: Gaming for Everyone!

GalaChain is a groundbreaking blockchain designed to make gaming accessible to all. Developed by Gala Games, a leader in blockchain gaming, GalaChain is changing how we play games. Created by experts in gaming and blockchain technology, GalaChain is revolutionizing the gaming experience.

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