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The Exciting World of Blockchain Industry Careers

Blockchain technology and its industry have become increasingly relevant in this day and age. Frankly, we have not seen the end of it as this technology is enabling industries that most people would have never imagined several years ago.

One such is the automotive industry. You can read this article to find out how it is changing the dynamics in this industry.

All these prove how choosing a career in the blockchain industry is worth it. For one, many of these jobs have a great degree of employment security. Furthermore, a lot of them pay well and the talent demand-to-supply ratio is very favorable. In light of this, a commonly asked question is, “What are the various blockchain career paths?”

You will find out a couple of them here provided you keep reading this article.

Working in the Blockchain Industry: What Are the Career Paths?

Various career paths can be explored by people considering a career in the blockchain industry. Some options are exclusively technical, while some are a bit technical. On the whole, some of the blockchain industry careers include:


This industry services the needs of various industries. An upcoming example is the automotive industry as mentioned above. Some of the others include banking, stock trading, supply chain & logistics, gaming & entertainment, retail & ecommerce, and several others.

People in these industries may be unaware of how helpful blockchain technology can be. Even if they did, they would need the expertise of a professional to make the most of it. That professional is known as a blockchain consultant. Some of the tasks of this professional include – producing ways to integrate this technology, offering strategic advice, and analyzing business processes.

Cryptocurrency Trader

These experts earn a living by buying and selling crypto assets on various platforms. They do this in such a way that they make profits. This involves properly analyzing the market.

Just as with stock traders, the goal of a cryptocurrency trader is to buy low and sell high. Success in this role requires risk management, technical analysis, and an in-depth understanding of market trends.

Legal Consultant

There are many legal gray areas and ambiguities in this industry. This is quite expected considering that it is new and incredibly unique. However, it is still important that issues such as intellectual property and regulatory compliances are well navigated.

This is where legal consultants with expertise in this industry come in. For example, if you are a blockchain developer coming up with a new idea, you need to protect your intellectual property. Legal consultants can help you with this and several other legal-related subjects.

Data Analyst

Blockchain technology involves a great deal of decentralized data. Data analysts are charged with the responsibility of properly analyzing these data. This ensures that informed decisions can be made by people who rely on them. For example, crypto traders can make informed trading decisions based on the data studied by data analysts.


These technical experts are charged with the responsibility of creating & maintaining smart contracts, blockchain protocols, as well as DApps (decentralized applications). It is one of the very technical but highly respected jobs in the industry.

Its technical nature stems from the fact that developers must be proficient in using several programming languages. Examples include Rust and Solidity which are programming languages for Polkadot and Ethereum, respectively.

Security Specialist

These professionals are the cybersecurity specialist equivalent in this industry. They ensure that the security and integrity of setups are not compromised.

This requires periodic and emergency assessment of setups, implementation of security measures, and conducting audits. It is worth noting that a lot depends on the expertise of people that function in this capacity.

Marketers & Public Relations Experts

This is one of the least technical careers. It requires the promotion of blockchain – platforms, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and projects at large. This involved strategic publicity on social media platforms and relevant online communities.


As an experienced or upcoming professional, you need to make the right career moves. Fortunately, there are service providers that can offer valuable assistance. You can check for more information on this. Just be sure that whatever service you choose can effectively link you to the right employers.

Pursuing a career in the blockchain industry is worth it for distinct reasons. However, you need to understand the demands of any career path that you choose. This helps you get prepared for what is about to come or consider other options.

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