Airdrop Guide: How To Qualify For zkSync Airdrop And Get Free $ZKS

Looking to get in on the action and potentially receive free money through cryptocurrency airdrops? You have come to the right place.

With Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum’s recent successful airdrop, many in the crypto community are now eyeing upcoming airdrops such as those from zkSync and StarkNet. zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum that offers fast transactions and low gas fees, all while maintaining security. While there has been no news regarding a planned airdrop or snapshot for the network’s native token, ZKS, this article will outline steps you can take to potentially qualify for the zkSync Airdrop, once it is announced.



1. Bridge Ethereum To ZKSync

One of the best ways to receive ZKS airdrop is by bridging assets to zKSync network. The more assets you bridge, the higher your chances are of receiving a larger airdrop amount. To maximize your chances, we recommend bridging at least 0.1 ETH in a single transaction and a cumulative total of 1 ETH over 10 or more transactions. Bridging is quite easy, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to potentially receive free zkSync tokens.

How To Bridge To ZkSync

1. Go to ZkSync Lite , whieh is the official bridge by the zKSync team.

2. Click Top Up, scroll down and select Bridges.

3. Enter the amount you want to bridge. (The recommended amount is 0.1 ETH at least)

4. Follow on screen instructions, and you would see your assets on your zKSync L2 wallet. That’s it. Repeat the step until you have successfully bridged at least 1 ETH to zkSync.

2. Use ZigZag Exchange

One of the criteria for the Arbitrum airdrop was transaction frequency and contract interactions. Its safe to assume, zkSync would also track your transaction frequency and contract interactions. One of the best way to increase the transaction frequency and contract interaction is by using a decentralized exchange, and for that we recommend ZigZag exchange by the same team of zkSync.

After bridging your assets to ZKSync, go to, and make a few trades. Make 1-2 trades daily, for the best chance to get a higher reward.

You can track your current transactions, go to zkSync’s Blockchain explorer ( ) to see how many transactions you have made. It is recommended that you make at least 50-100 transactions on each wallet.

ZigZag Exchange

3. Deploy Applications on zkSync

If you are a developers, or a DAO consider developing and deploying applications on the zkSync Network. Network’s such as zkSync need more applications on their network, and to incentivize further development, applications that develop on a network have the highest chances of getting an airdrop.

ZKSync Developers Guide:

4. Free Airdrops

Majority of the methods mentioned above require some form of transactions. If you are interested in some free airdrops, you can take part in ZKSync’s Crew Quests.

There are around 18 quests available (at the time of writing) for you to take part in. Please note, since Crew Quests are free to do, there will be a lot of users (including bots) taking part, so chances of getting an aridrop solely from Crew3 quests are pretty slim. But since its free, no harm in trying.

Steps To Take Part in zkSync Crew Quests

1. Go to ZKSync’s Official Crew3 page:

2. Connect your wallet

3. Do the Community and Social Media tasks.

That’s it. You can create multiple wallets to do the tasks.

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