Dogecoin listed on CoinTiger Exchange

Global cryptocurrency exchange, CoinTiger, has listed the internet’s favourite cryptocurrency – Dogecoin. The exchange is introducing a new trading pair for Dogecoin – DOGE/USDT. The trading of Dogecoin went live on CoinTiger on 20th September 2019.

The minimal deposit and withdrawal of Dogecoin on CoinTiger are 1000 Doge. Trading fee set by CoinTiger is, 0.15% for the taker and 0.08% for the maker.

CoinTiger is a global crypto – to – crypto exchange based out of China. CoinTiger has its own native token called the TigerCash Token (TCH).

According to CoinTiger’s official listing announcement,

“Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency focused on actual utility as a currency. Dogecoin provides fast block times and very low fees which make Dogecoin suitable for usage in micro-transactions but also as a payment option for online shops. Dogecoin has been adopted as such by online retailers and can be used easily as means of consumer to consumer money transfer too.”

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Ishan Garg

Ishan is a cryptocurrency trader and a journalist. He joined the cryptocurrency space in 2017. He is the founder of Blockmanity. He is a HODLER and is holding BTC, ETH & UGT.

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