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Circle of Games – The multi-gaming platform raised funding from Nazara

Circle of Games (COG)—Web3’s multi-gaming platform has raised a $1mn round from Nazara, with participation from The Hashgraph Association.

Circle of Games is a global multi-gaming app on a mission to onboard users worldwide to web3 through universally enjoyed casual games played by hundreds of millions of users daily.

Circle of Games gives players full ownership and control over their in-game assets and tokens. COG Founders are veterans in the gaming space with experience in Zynga, MPL, PlaySimple, Junglee Games and more.

COG has a 250k+ user base worldwide and is preparing to launch several games in the next two quarters.

The funding will accelerate COG’s entry into many markets and build new capabilities so players can enjoy more games and experiences.

Rabilal Thapa, CEO and Co-Founder of Circle of Games expressed there will be significant momentum with this investment from Nazara and Hashgraph Association and expressed gratitude towards Foundership Web3 Accelerator.

Santosh Panda, the co-founder of Foundership, said,

“Circle of Games is a top world-class team, and it has been a privilege and pleaseure to have them in our 0xCamp cohort program.”

“The team has established an excellent scale worldwide while navigating the early stages of building the product, company, and community. With Nazara and Hashgraph Association investment, the COG team will be a leading player in the Web3 Casual gaming space”, told Mr. Panda.

About Circle of Games

Circle of Games is a global multi-gaming app on a mission to onboard users worldwide to web3 through universally enjoyed casual games played by hundreds of millions of users daily.

To learn more about Circle of Games visit:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram

About Foundership

Foundership is a global Web3 accelerator that offers startup Coaching, Capital, and Community support. Its programs, 0xCamp and LaunchCamp, are catalysts for facilitating token launches and fostering scalable growth within the Web3 ecosystem.

To learn more about Foundership visit:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Telegram

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