Get Ready: InvestFi’s $INVF Token Set to Shine on MATICPAD After Explosive IDO Season!

InvestFi’s native token $INVF is poised to make its debut on the Matic Launchpad following a blockbuster IDO season on Zenix Launcher, Spores, and SiriusPad. The $INVF IDO on the Matic Launchpad is scheduled to commence on May 11th at 1 pm UTC.

InvestFi’s recent Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) have garnered significant attention within the cryptocurrency community, signaling a remarkable success story in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of InvestFi’s IDOs, examining their impact on the cryptocurrency market and the future direction of digital finance.

InvestFi IDOs: A Testament to Success

Zenix Launcher: A Milestone Achievement


The recent $INVF IDO on Zenix Launcher marks a significant milestone for InvestFi, raising an impressive $150,000 USDT within a mere 24 hours. This achievement underscores the robustness of InvestFi’s platform and its growing prominence in the DeFi space. The success on Zenix Launcher speaks volumes about InvestFi’s project quality and highlights the trust and confidence of the community in its vision.

Spores: Sold Out Success


InvestFi’s $INVF IDO on Spores Launchpad witnessed unparalleled success, with the entire allocation being sold out swiftly. Raising $150,000 USD in Ethereum, the Spores IDO exemplifies the strong demand for InvestFi’s tokens and the effectiveness of its fundraising strategy. This resounding success on Spores Launchpad further solidifies InvestFi’s position as a frontrunner in the DeFi ecosystem.

SiriusPad: A showcase of Investor Confidence

SiriusPad’s $INVF IDO, which successfully raised $50,000, reflects the confidence of investors in InvestFi’s project offerings. Despite the lower fundraising amount compared to other platforms, SiriusPad’s IDO signifies InvestFi’s ability to cater to a diverse range of investors and platforms, further expanding its reach within the crypto community.

Matic Launchpad: The journey continues

MATICPAD is a launchpad for cryptocurrency projects across Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and the Polygon Network. It facilitates the fair and decentralized launch of multi-chain crypto projects.

The IDO is scheduled to commence on May 11th at 1 PM UTC. More details can be found on the Matic Launchpad sale page.

Here are the IDO details:

  •       Token Ticker: $INVF (ETH)
  •       IDO Price: $0.011 USD
  •       Platform Raise: $100,000
  •       Vesting: 100% at TGE.

$INVF is also scheduled to list on LBank. Listing information is as given below:

Listing Date : 13th, May Time: 11 AM UTC

Price : $0.011

Trading Pair: USDT/INVF

Token Utility: Empowering the InvestFi Community

Governance Power with $INVF

$INVF tokens empower holders with governance rights, enabling them to propose and vote on critical decisions affecting the platform’s future. This democratic governance model ensures that InvestFi evolves in alignment with the collective vision of its community, promoting transparency and inclusivity.

Fees and Rewards Mechanism

$INVF tokens serve as a conduit for fees and rewards within the InvestFi ecosystem, incentivizing active participation and engagement. Holders are rewarded for their contributions, fostering a vibrant and sustainable community-driven economy.

Exclusive Access and Future Whitelisting

Holding $INVF tokens grants exclusive access to InvestFi’s premium services, features, and events. From early access to new offerings to VIP privileges, $INVF holders enjoy a host of benefits that enrich their investment journey and deepen their engagement with the platform.

Conversion and Liquidity Provision

$INVF introduces a unique conversion feature, allowing tokens to be vested over time and providing liquidity to the ecosystem. This initiative enhances token utility, fosters community engagement, and strengthens InvestFi’s overall value proposition.

InvestFi leads the DeFi innovation with the creation of the world’s initial zkBitcoin Layer 2 chain, revolutionizing investment protocols within the Bitcoin ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating yield farming, borrowing, and lending protocols, InvestFi pioneers a new era in investment strategies on Bitcoin’s blockchain, ensuring privacy, efficiency, and accessibility through zero-knowledge proofs. Embrace the future of financial technology with InvestFi and embark on a journey where tradition merges with revolution.


InvestFi’s IDOs have redefined the landscape of decentralized finance, showcasing remarkable success and resilience in fundraising and community engagement. With a robust tokenomics model and a clear focus on empowering its community, InvestFi is poised to continue its upward trajectory, driving innovation and growth in the digital finance space.

Participate in $INVF IDO on Matic Launchpad.

For more details and updates about InvestFi, visit:

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