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John McAfee doesn’t like the name Bitcoin [BTC] & Ethereum [ETH], but he has a soft spot for Dogecoin [DOGE]

Dogecoin might not be as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but everyone who knows about Dogecoin has a soft spot for it. The latest influencer to confirm a soft spot on Dogecoin is none other than the man who predicts Bitcoin at $1 million – John McAfee.

John McAfee is famous for predicting Bitcoin to be $1 million. But according to a series of the latest tweet by McAfee, he reveals he doesn’t like the names of Bitcoin or Ethereum. And the reason for this, the coins are not one syllable.

When pointed out that he predicts Bitcoin to be worth $1 million, he jibes in that he predicted the price, but never said he liked it. But he does call Dogecoin “adorable”.

Dogecoin’s fan base has been gaining ever since Elon Musk called Dogecoin his favorite cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency has lost its ranking though. The cryptocurrency is now the 29th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

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