Funarcade – the community-focused casino extends testnet amidst overwhelming community interest

Funarcade, a community-focused casino platform, has announced the extension of its testnet to May 31st, following an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community.

The platform seeks to bridge the gap by combining extensive gaming experience with a knowledge of crypto/web3 to create a successful gaming environment in the community. Funarcade is dedicated to delivering a fun and equitable gaming experience and has garnered the attention of gamers with its vast range of iGaming options. To further fine-tune their games and provide a top-notch gaming experience for their users,Funarcade recently announced the launch of their testnet. Users can participate in the testnet by completing simple missions on Funarcade and providing their feedback to receive rewards.

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How to participate?

To participate in the testnet, users must connect their wallets and provide their wallet addresses for reward distribution. It’s important to note that username registration is unavailable during the test period.

There are seven missions to complete, each involving

  • testing each game 10 times (5 times in each currency) and
  • providing relevant feedback

Testers who complete all seven missions, including leaving feedback at least once, will qualify for the rewards. Upon completing the first six missions,

  • a feedback form will appear,
  • allowing testers to provide feedback up to five times

Once all seven missions are completed, testers will be eligible for the testnet rewards.


Rewards are divided into three pools based on input quality:

  • Users who provide relevant feedback receive 15% (150,000 tokens)
  • Users who leave good/detailed feedback receive 40% (400,000 tokens)
  • Users who submit great/very useful feedback receive 45% (450,000 tokens)

The platform places an extremely high value on feedback from testers. Accordingly, the rewards program has been structured to elicit precise and accurate feedback from test users, focusing predominantly on game mechanics, bugs, and improvements to user experiences.

Through its testnet process, Funarcade aims to provide participants with a comprehensive testing program and reward them for their feedback.

The incentive program motivates users to provide in-depth feedback following gameplay. The feedback should identify any bugs encountered during gaming, potential improvements to game mechanics, and suggestions about enhancing user experience. By implementing this approach, Funarcade seeks to optimize its gaming ecosystem by utilizing meticulous testing procedures and ensuring its customers receive a top-tier gaming experience.

Embracing Blockchain and Community Ownership

Funarcade leverages blockchain technology to create an enjoyable user gaming experience and guarantee fair and equitable play. The fact that the platform redistributes up to 90% of its profits back to the users is a testament to its community focused approach.

The worldwide online gambling industry was valued at $63.53 billion in 2022 and is predicted to increase significantly from 2023 to 2030. Funarcade is tapping into this potential by providing a more accessible and enjoyable experience to users. Traditional casinos often face security, transparency, and fairness issues, which Funarcade addresses through blockchain technology and community-driven innovation.

A New Era of Online Casinos

By delivering a more convenient and exciting gaming experience than traditional casinos, Funarcade is bringing the exhilarating casino atmosphere into the hands of users worldwide. The platform’s user-friendly interface and the extensive range of games create an engaging experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of players.

Participation in Funarcade goes beyond simply playing games; users can support their community, earn rewards, and contribute to the platform’s success. As the casino industry witnesses a shift towards online gaming, platforms like Funarcade are well-placed to capture the interest of players seeking more inclusive, fair, and entertaining gaming experiences.

The bottom line

Funarcade is a unique, forward-thinking online casino platform combining blockchain technology’s power with a strong focus on community involvement. The extension of the testnet is a testament to the enthusiastic support from users, highlighting the platform’s potential to shape the future of gaming while ensuring a fair, engaging, and rewarding experience for all. As the online casino market grows, platforms like Funarcade drive innovation and inclusivity, revolutionizing how we experience gaming.



The platform recently launched its Ambassador’s program, where users can try out their casino games while earning Funarcade Tokens (FAT) as a reward!

Click here to read more about the testnet and Ambassador’s program.

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